WiseMo – Special module

WiseMo - Guest Component

Guest Component for use by application developers. The Guest Component provides an API for developers to implement similar functionality as the standard WiseMo Guest. The Guest Component supports Remote Control, File Transfer, Remote Management and Chat functionality.

WiseMo - Guest Component EUR 1 999,00WG7SITE-200

The Guest Component is used for remote access to WiseMo Host modules. The Host modules ARE NOT supplied as part of the Guest Component product, but are purchased separately.

The Guest Component provides both an ActiveX and an NPAPI component. The components can be integrated into Windows based applications or browser based applications. Which component to use depends on the purpose:

  •   The ActiveX component supports Windows applications and Internet Explorer.
  •   The NPAPI component supports Pale Moon and other Windows browsers that support the use of NPAPI components (e.g. Firefox up to 52 ESR).

The Guest Component is delivered with a sample program with source code.

The Guest Component is a perpetual, run time free license that can be used by all staff in your organization and freely distributed with your application.

All prices are exclusive VAT.

All prices include first 12 months of WiseMo Upgrade Insurance during which you will receive all new versions of purchased WiseMo modules.


WiseMo EULA (End User License Agreement)

See also WiseMo standard Terms and Conditions

Supported Platforms:

Please refer to the product sheet.

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